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Flower Patch by Nichole Starman

Flower Patch by Nichole Starman




Use CzechMates Tile beads to plant a wearable garden full of blossoms and greenery.

The versatile thread path featured in this pattern can be used to create unlimited pressed bead combinations.


  •  23 CzechMates® Tile
  • 100 4/6mm Baby Bell Flowers, mix of colors
  •  200 2.5/5mm Mini Daggers, mix of colors
  • TOHO Round 11° Seed Beads
  • TOHO Round 15° Seed Beads
  • Fireline 6lb or Nanofil 8lb
  • Clasp

Colors Shown: 250-66-27000; 123-46-K3205,

123-46-K3712, 123-46-K3715, 123-46-K3906; 41-

36-P65455, 41-36-79051; TR-11-617; TR-15-PF557.

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