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Gita Bracelet Designed by Silke Steuernagel

Gita Bracelet Designed by Silke Steuernagel





Gita Bracelet

Designed by Silke Steuernagel – Independent Beadwork Author, Editor, and Illustrator; Architecture and Technique Enthusiast. Featuring an ingenious and elegant buttonhole closure, this woven band of TOHO® Demi Rounds™ has a luscious, textile quality.

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  •  7g TOHO 6° Demi Rounds
  •  5.5g TOHO 8° Demi Rounds
  •  2.5g TOHO 11° Demi Rounds
  •  1 Button, 17mm
  •  TOHO One-G Thread


  • TOHO Demi Rounds 6˚ Olympic Bronze (TN-06-224)
  • TOHO Demi Rounds 8˚ Metallic Nebula (TN-08-82)
  • TOHO Demi Rounds 11˚ Hybrid Metallic Suede – Purple (TN-11-Y612)
  • TierraCast Button – 17mm Round Leaf Brass Oxide (TC94-6559-27)
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