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Kilim Cuff Design by  Carole Ohl

Kilim Cuff Design by Carole Ohl





Created by Carole Ohl – Dedicated to Encouraging the Inspiration that Flows Between Beaders CREATE TEXTURE WITH WOVEN CRESCENTS™

Achieve the look of a woven tapestry with CzechMates Crescents, Pinch Beads, and TOHO Demi Rounds.

Free just add to cart, we will send with your order. Minimum $15.00 order to receive the free patterns, a maximum of 3 per order.


  • 92 CzechMates Crescents
  • 43 Pinch Beads, 5/3mm
  • 2.5g TOHO 8º Demi Rounds
  • 1g TOHO 15º Rounds
  • TOHO One-G Thread
  • Clasp of Choice

 COLORWAYS—Multicolor Pink:

  • CzechMates Crescent Turquoise – Bronze Picasso (391-310-BT6313)
  • CzechMates Crescents – ColorTrends Saturated Metallic Copper Pink (391-310- 77034)
  • CzechMates Crescents – Oxidized Bronze Berry (391-310-15764)
  • CzechMates Crescents – Oxidized Bronze Chartreuse (391-310-15776)
  • Pinch Beads 5/3mm Matte – Metallic Bronze Iris (2-53-K0164) 
  • TOHO 8º Demi Rounds Nickel (TN-08-711)
  • TOHO 15º Round Semi Glazed Rainbow – Burnt Orange (TR-15-2640F) 


  • CzechMates Crescent – Silver (391-310-27000)
  • Pinch Beads – 5/3mm 24k Gold Plated (2-53-270) 
  • TOHO 8º – Demi Rounds Nickel (TN-08-711) 
  • TOHO 15º Round – Nickel (TR-15-711) 
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