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Palmetto Necklace by Y. Sarfati

Palmetto Necklace by Y. Sarfati




Dagger Duo Bracelet designed by Lisa Jordan (Pattern).

“This beaded collar necklace is striking and beautiful. The colorway possibilities are endless. The structure comes together neatly without warping or bunching due to the consistent hole spacing of the CzechMates 2-Hole Bead system.”

Orders need to be $15.00 minimum.

Materials Needed:

  • 140 3mm Firepolish
  • 70 4mm Firepolish
  • 70 CzechMates Lentil, Color 1
  • 70 CzechMates Lentil, Color 2
  • 34 CzechMates Dagger
  • 35 Mini Dagger 2.5/6mm
  • TOHO Seed Beads 8°
  •  TOHO Seed Beads 11°
  •  Fireline or Wildfire 8lb
  •  Clasp of choice

COLORS SHOWN:1-03-29565, 1-03-ST63100; 1-04-29560, 1-04-ST63100; 366-06-29261,

366-06-29259, 366-06-53200, 366-06-MD53200; 280-516-P15726; 280-516-M13720; 41-36-90215,

(pattern alternate) 364-25-Z0003; TR-08-203, TR-08-221; TR-11-204, TR-11-221.

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