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Tubari Spiral - Cape Fuschia

Tubari Spiral - Cape Fuschia

Tubari Spiral - Cape Fuschia 
This is a beginner beading kit and includes everything you need to complete this color version except needle and thread, and scissors. 
This pattern has 10 pages of step-by-step instructions and includes graphic diagrams, photos and instructions for either a bangle or a bracelet. It also includes photographs of other colorway examples including bead names and bead numbers. 
Knowledge of basic jewelry making skills is needed such as:  how to thread a needle and tying on threads.  
Feel free to make as many projects from this pattern as you like. The pattern is copyrighted, please do not make copies of the pattern, teach the project or mass produce.  If you need help in finishing the project, or have additional questions, please email or call. 
Item #TSK-Kit-FU
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