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Here you will find Twin Beads and Imitation Super Duos that we call Pseudo Duos, both made by Preciosa in the Czech Republic. Twin beads are slightly smaller than the SuperDuos, but still measuring 2.5 x 5.5 mm.   The hole measures approximately 0.8mm.  They are more oval than the SuperDuos and because they are a seed bead, are less uniform.  

Psuedo Duos are imitation Super Duos and are similar but slightly more rectangle.  They often can be used in patterns where Twins and Super Duos are required, however they generally cannot be used together in the same pattern.  


Both are sold in a 2 1/2 inch tube containing approximately 10 grams depending on the finish.  There are approximately 120 beads in each tube.  


This is Bead Street's single needle beaded bead pattern using SuperDuos or Twins.  Both SuperDuos and Twins are interchangeable in beading patterns.  However, they do not mix well together in the same beaded bead.


We have more experience beading with these beads than most people in the industry and as such can answer any questions related to utilizing either of these beads in your pattern.  Feel free to ask for advice. 

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