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Crystal rivoli stones  can be used as gorgeous  centerpieces, and pendants in bead weaving projects and more.  They will work with any project or pattern calling for a Swarovski Rivoli 1122.  Sold individually, in pairs or bags of 6 depending on the size.  Chatons can be just as dramatic, used in any design calling for a Swarovski Chaton 1088  and are packaged in pairs, bags of 10 or 12,  again depending on the size.

Rivolis are basically bicones that you can see if you turn them on their side. The front (and back) are pointed and the faceting is completely balanced on both sides.  The sparkle is often enhanced by a silver coating on the back.  Chatons come to a center point at the back of the stone but features a flat center front.  The back point of the chaton is also a far more  steeper angle than the rivoli (more pointy).  Oftentimes a rivoli can be used in patterns calling for a chaton, however the opposite is usually not possible.

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