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We have lots of stringing options available.  For bead weaving:  C-Lon thread, Nymo thread,  Fireline  or DragonThread are all excellent choices.  Pearl knotting requires a silk and Griffin Needle-End Silk is the best on the market.


C-Lon  Cord, Satin cord, and  Chinese  Knotting cord  (available in three thicknesses) are our favorites for Kumihimo, macrame' or braiding techniques.  


Waxed Linen is always an  excellent  choice for many jewelry  techniques as well as a favorite for book binding.  And for general stringing of gemstones  and heavier beads, Soft Flex is our go-to.  Or even create jewelry items without a clasp, use  Stretch Magic or Memory Wire  (for rings, bracelets and necklaces). 


Try many of our waxed cords, leather or bolo cord for the always popular wrap bracelets.