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The large hole of Miyuki Delica beads allows the designer to take many needle passes through the same bead.    These perfectly-formed cylinder Delica beads are available in 11/0 (labeled DB), and 8/0 (labeled DBL). 


Size 8/0 Delicas can be found here      


Listed numerically below, you can also display by color family and if you use the search bar to find a particular color, use four digits for the number, i.e. DB0001


The 11/0's are packaged in 5 gram bags and will be available soon in 1 gram bags.

 REDS &          RUST/GOLD        GREENS            TQ/TEAL             BLUES            PURPLES             PINKS           BROWNS &       BLACK/WH

ORANGE          & YELLOW                                                                                                                                                 BEIGE            & SILVER                                                                                                           

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