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Bon Bon Bracelet by Emi Yamada

Bon Bon Bracelet by Emi Yamada



Decorative flutes along the surface of the 3mm Melon Round bead break the uniformity of light, creating sharp, contrasting shadows and subtle color gradations. Decorate a 6mm round with Melons and Firepolish, stringing them as you go in this sweet bracelet.


  • 17 – 6mm Round Glass Beads (RB6)
  • 64 – 3mm Melon Beads (M3)
  • 32 – Czech Firepolish 2mm (FP)
  • 5gm – 11/0 TOHO Seed Beads (SB11)
  • TOHO One-G thread
  • Clasp of Choice

Bracelet as instructed measures apprx. 6.5 ” before clasp. Each beaded bead measures apprx. 3⁄8”. Adjust the length by adding additional beaded beads, or by adding seed beads at the clasp.


Blue/Bronze –

  • 6mm Round Sueded Gold Amethyst (5-06-MSG2006)
  • 3mm Melon Iris Blue (287-03-21435); 2mm
  • 2mm Firepolish Matte Oxidized Bronze Opaque Red (1-02-YM9320)
  • TOHO Round 11/0 Bronze (TR-11-221).

Orchid/Gold –

  • 6mm Round Polychrome Pink Olive (5-06-94106)
  • 3mm Melon Iris Matte Metallic Flax (287-03-K0171)
  • 2mm Firepolish Luster Opaque Lilac (1-02-P14415)
  • TOHO Round 11/0 Gold-Lined Rainbow Lt Sapphire (TR-11-997).

Gold/Gray – 

  • 6mm Round Sueded Gold Smoky Topaz (5-06-MSG1023)
  • 3mm Melon Matte Metallic Leather (287-03-K0167)
  • 2mm Firepolish Dark Bronze (1-02-14415)
  • TOHO Round 11/0 Gold-Lined Black Diamond (TR-11-993).

Please note: We are happy to send you up to 3 different patterns per order.


Please Note: Patterns are Free with any minimum $15.00 order.

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