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Crescent Blossom Pendant by Leslee Frumin

Crescent Blossom Pendant by Leslee Frumin



This double-sided bauble features two different faces for completely different styles. The front sparkles with 2mm Firepolish, while the back radiates with CzechMates 2-Hole Crescent™ beads.


  • 12 – CzechMates Crescent (CMC)
  • 12 – Round Bead, 4mm (RB)
  • 12 – MiniDuo, 2x4mm (MD)
  • 12 – Firepolish, 2mm (FP)
  • 12 – 11/0 TOHO Round (S11)
  • 1gram 15/0 TOHO Round (S15)
  • TOHO One-G Thread

Pendant as instructed is approx. 1-1/8” wide.



  • CzechMates Crescent Matte Metallic Flax (391-310-K0171)
  • 4mm Round Czech Glass Beads Pacifica Fig (5-04-PS1008)
  • MiniDuo Nebula Opaque Amethyst (364-24-NB2302)
  • Firepolish 2mm Matte Luster Opaque Bronzed Smoke (1-02-YM0300)
  • TOHO Round 11/0 Bronze (TR-11-221)
  • TOHO Charlotte 15/0 Bronze (T1-15-221)

Indigo/Antique [not shown]:

  • CzechMates Crescent Purple Iris (391-310-K0171)
  • Round Bead 4mm Sueded Gold Cobalt (5-04-MSG3009)
  • MiniDuo Metallic Suede Purple (364-24-79021)
  • Firepolish 2mm Luster Iris Opaque Lt Amethyst (1-02-LR23030)
  • TOHO Round 11/0 Bronze Antique Gold (TR-11-225)
  • TOHO Round 15/0 Bronze Antique Gold (TR-15-225).

Please Note: Patterns are Free with any minimum $15.00 order.

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