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Demitria Bracelet by Marie New

Demitria Bracelet by Marie New





  • 3gm TOHO Demi Round 8º (D8)
  • 2gm TOHO Demi Round 11º (D11)
  • 2gm TOHO Round 11º (R11)
  • 1gm TOHO Round 15º (R15)
  • TOHO One-G Thread
  • Clasp of Choice

Bracelet as instructed measures

approx. 7” before clasp. Each Large Motif measures approx. 3/8”.



  • TOHO Demi 8° Higher-Metallic Iris Olivine (TN-08-508)
  • TOHO Demi 11° Bronze Antique Gold (TN-11-225)
  • TOHO Round 11° Higher-Metallic Frosted Carnival (TR-11-513F)
  • TOHO Round 15° PF Galv. Starlight (TR-15-PF557)

White/Blue (not shown):

  • TOHO Demi 8° Frosted Crystal (TN-08-1F)
  • TOHO Demi 11° Higher-Metallic Iris Violet (TN-11-504)
  • TOHO Round 11° Semi Glazed Rainbow Soft Blue (TR-11-2636F)
  • TOHO Round 15° Silver-Lined Milky Grapefruit (TR-15-2112)
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