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Dewdrops Necklace by M.G. Shippee

Dewdrops Necklace by M.G. Shippee





Create this eye-catching necklace by combining two- and three-hole CzechMates® with Pear Shaped Drops.

By MELISSA GRAKOWSKY SHIPPEE — Artist in Love with the Experimentation of Design with Beads.


  • 18 CzechMates® Beams (CB)
  • 8 CzechMates® 7mm Cabochons (CC)
  • 5 Pear Shaped Drops, 12/16mm, Color a (PDa)
  • 4 Pear Shaped Drops, 12/16mm, Color a (PDb)
  • 33 Firepolish Rounds, 3mm (FP)
  • 1g TOHO 11° Seed Beads, Color a (SBa)
  • 3g TOHO 11° Seed Beads, Color b (SBb)
  • 1g TOHO 11° Seed Beads, Color c (SBc)
  •  One-G Thread
  • Clasp of Choice

Necklace as instructed measures approx. 17″ before clasp. Each Step 6b repeat adds approx. 3/16″.

Please note: Orders need to be a minimum of $15.00 to receive patterns, your choice of merchandise.


  • CzechMates Beams Oxidized Bronze (397-210-15765);
  • CzechMates Cabochons Silver (396-06-27000);
  • Pear Shaped Drops Bronze Luster Iris – Opaque Red (315-1216-R14415);
  • Pear Shaped Drops Tanzanite – Celsian (315-1216-Z2051);
  • Firepolish Rounds 3mm Gold 1/2 (1-03-26201);
  • TOHO Rounds 11˚ Nickel (TR-11-711);
  • TOHO Rounds 11˚ Metallic Iris – Green/Brown (TR-11-84);
  • TOHO Rounds 11˚ Bronze (TR-11-221).


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