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Empress Pendant by Nichole Starman

Empress Pendant by Nichole Starman




This elegant ring builds quickly and easily with the CzechMates® 4-Hole QuadraLentil bead. 2mm Firepolish beads add sparkle along the outer edge.


Champagne – CzechMates® QuadraLentil™ Opaque Luster Champagne (390-06-P14413); TOHO Round 15º Nickel (TR-15-711);TOHO Round 11º Bronze (TR-11-221); Firepolish 2mm Milky Pink Celsian (1-02-Z71010).

Black – CzechMates® QuadraLentil™ Matte Jet (390-06-M2398); TOHO Round 15º Gold-Lustered African Sunset (TR-15-329); TOHO Round 11º Nickel (TR-11-711);Firepolish 2mm 24K Gold Plated (1-02-270).

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