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English Ruffle Bracelet by Sarfati

English Ruffle Bracelet by Sarfati




This unique stitch echos a traditional spiral for a modern design with endless color possibilities. The understated glamour and glow of roughly faceted English Cut beads adds a sentimental heirloom feel to this design.


  • 285 – English Cut 3mm, Assorted Colors of your choice
  • 59 – TOHO Round 6º (SB6)
  • 14 – TOHO Round 8º (SB8)
  • 5gm TOHO Round 11º (SB11)
  • 1 Clasp of Choice
  • 2 Open Jump Rings
  • TOHO One-G Thread

Bracelet as instructed has an inner circumference of approximately 6.75 ”. Pattern has a second, multi-color version too.

COLORWAYS: Pink/Bronze:

  • English Cut Round 3mm: Luster Iris Amethyst (323-03-LR2006)
  • English Cut Round 3mm: Luster Opaque Lilac (323-03-P14415)
  • English Cut Round 3mm: Metallic Suede Pink (323-03-79086)
  • TOHO Round 6° Bronze (TR-06-221)
  • TOHO Round 8° Bronze (TR-08-221)
  • TOHO Round 11° Bronze (TR-11-221)
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