Ginkgo Brocade by Thomasin Alyx Alyxander

Ginkgo Brocade by Thomasin Alyx Alyxander





Featuring Ginkgo Leaf Beads

Designed by Starman TrendSetter Thomasin ‘Alyx’ Alyxander – Creating Order in a Chaotic World One Bead at a Time

Combine TOHO® Rounds and Demi Rounds™ with Starman CzechMates® Cabochons and Matubo™ Ginkgo Leaf Beads in this attractive beaded band that can be casual or dressy depending on the beads you choose.

Materials Needed:

  • 17 –  4 CzechMates® Cabochons (A)
  • 36 – Ginkgo Leaf Beads (B)
  • 1.5gm – TOHO® 11° Rounds (C)
  • 1.5gm – TOHO® 11° Demi Rounds (D)
  • 4 – Jump Rings
  • Clasp of Choice
  • One-G thread or thread of your choice


  • CzechMates Cabochons ColorTrends Saturated Metallic Island Paradise (396-06-77060)
  • Matubo Ginkgo Leaf Beads Luster – Opaque Blue (PB399-87-LB03000)
  • TOHO Rounds 11° Hybrid ColorTrends Metallic – Spicy Mustard (TR-11- YPS0017)
  • TOHO Demi Rounds 11° Higher-Metallic June Bug (TN-11-506)