Lavender Crown Bracelet by Penny Dixon

Lavender Crown Bracelet by Penny Dixon



A SWEET BRACELET WITH CZECH AND JAPANESE BEADS Create this ornate, beautiful bracelet using Starman Fire-Polish; Matubo™ NIB-BITs; CzechMates® Diamonds and Tiles; and TOHO® seed beads and magatamas.

CzechMates® Diamonds (A) CzechMates® Tiles (B) NIB-BITs (C) Starman Fire-Polished Rounds, 2mm (D) TOHO® Magatamas, 3mm (E) TOHO® 15° Rounds (F) TOHO® 11° Rounds (G) Jump Rings, 4mm Clasp of Choice TOHO® One-G Thread


  • 9g – CzechMates Diamonds (A)
  • 2g – CzechMates Tile (B)
  • 4g – NIB-BIT (C)
  • 22 – Starman Fire-Polished Rounds, 2mm (D)
  • 1g – TOHO® Magatamas, 3mm (E) (We don’t currently carry these)
  • 4g – TOHO® 15° Rounds (F)
  • 1g – TOHO® 11° Rounds (G)
  • 2 – Jump Rings, 4mm
  • Clasp of Choice
  • TOHO® One-G Thread

Bracelet as instructed measures approx. 6 1/4″ before clasp. Each Step 6 repeat adds approx. 1/2″.


  • CzechMates Diamonds ColorTrends Saturated Metallic Limelight (398-46-06B09)
  • CzechMates Tiles Luster – Opaque Amethyst (250-66-P15726)
  • Matubo NIB-BITs Metallic Suede – Pink (377-65-79086)
  • Starman Fire-Polished Rounds 2mm Luster – Opaque Bronzed Smoke (1-02-P15780)
  • TOHO Magatamas 3mm Gold-Lustered Dk Antique Bronze (TM-03-422)
  • TOHO Rounds 15˚ PermaFinish – Galvanized Rose Gold (15-PF551-T)
  • TOHO Rounds 11˚ PermaFinish – Galvanized Rose Gold (11-PF551-T)