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Luna Rosa Bracelet by Carole Ohl

Luna Rosa Bracelet by Carole Ohl




This bracelet works up quickly, and is great for trying different colors. Keep adding segments to make a matching necklace. Make several in trendy colors and stack them on your wrist for a fashion-forward look!


  • 80 CzechMates® Crescent
  • 80 Firepolish 2mm
  • 10 Round Bead 6mm
  • 1gm 11º TOHO Round, Color 1
  • 3gm 11º TOHO Round, Color 2
  • Fireline or Wildfire, 6lb test
  • 2 Open Jump Rings
  • Clasp of Choice



  • CzechMates® Crescent Turquoise – Bronze Picasso (391-310-BT6313);
  • Firepolish 2mm Opaque Luster – Picasso (1-02-P65401);
  • Round Bead 6mm Luster – Opaque Rose/Gold Topaz (5-06-P65491);
  • 11º TOHO Round Marbled Opaque Lt. Blue/Amethyst (TR-11-1204),
  • Opaque-Lustered White (TR-11-121).


  • CzechMates® Crescent Pacifica – Tangerine (391-310-PS1004),
  • CzechMates® Crescent Pacifica – Strawberry (391-310-PS1002);
  • Firepolish 2mm Luster Iris – Antique Beige (1-02-LR13060);
  • Round Bead 6mm Sueded Gold Smoky Topaz (5-06-MSG1023);
  • 11º TOHO Round Gold-Lined Rainbow Peridot (TR-11-996),
  • Silver-Lined Milky Lt Topaz (TR-11-2110).
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