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Marrakesh Mosaic Bracelet by Vicky Roberts

Marrakesh Mosaic Bracelet by Vicky Roberts




This piece starts with a center of CzechMates 2-Hole Tile and Bar beads. Build rows of embellishment and color with MiniDuos, Melons, Firepolish, and more.


  • 19 CzechMates Tile (CMT)
  • 36 CzechMates Bar (CMB)
  • 68 MiniDuo, Color A (MDa)
  • 60 MiniDuo, Color B (MDb)
  • 34 Firepolish, 2mm (FP2)
  • 32 Rondelle, 3mm (R3)
  • 30 Melon, 3mm (M3)
  • 1gm 11º TOHO Seed Bead (SB)
  • Fireline, Wildfire, or Nanofil, 8lb test
  • 2 Jump Rings
  • Clasp of Choice

Bracelet as instructed measures approx. 6-1/8”. Each additional Tile/Bar segment adds approx 5⁄16”.



  • Tile Sueded Gold Crystal (250-66-79080CR)
  • Bar Matte Metallic Flax (389-26-K0171)
  • MiniDuo Luster Opaque Amethyst (364-24-P15726)
  • Matte Metallic Flax (364-24-K0171)
  • Firepolish 2mm Luster Iris Milky Amethyst (1-02-LR21010)
  • Rondelle 3mm Bronze (48-03-90215)
  • Melon 3mm Pacifica Fig (287-03-PS1008)
  • TOHO 11º Marble Opq. Pink (TR-11-1202).


Turq./Gold [not shown]:

  • Tile Persian Turq. (250-66-6315)
  • Bar Dk. Bronze (389-26-14415)
  • MiniDuo Blue Turq. Silver Picasso (364-24-TE6303)
  • Matte Metallic Flax (364-24-K0171)
  • Firepolish 2mm Mtt. Metallic Gold Copper Iris (1-02-K0162)
  • Rondelle 3mm Lstr. Opq. Lilac (48-03-P14415)
  • Melon 3mm Mtt. Metallic Leather (287-03-K0167)
  • TOHO 11º Bronze (TR-11-221).
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