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Masquerade by Thomasin Alyxander

Masquerade by Thomasin Alyxander




To make matching earrings for the bracelet, complete two Large Components and two Small Components. Attach the Large Components to the Small Components with loops of R11, R15, and D11. Attach a jump ring to the top of the Large Component with loops of R11, R15, and D11. Attach earring findings for a stylish matching set.


  • ‰ 8gm 11º TOHO Demi Round ‰
  • 2gm 11º TOHO Round ‰
  • 8gm 8º TOHO Demi Round ‰
  • 1gm 15º TOHO Round ‰
  • Fireline or Wildfire
  • Optional Earrings: ‰
  • 2 Jump Rings ‰
  • 2 Earring Findings



  • Demi Round 11º Opaque Frosted Jet (TN-11-49F)
  • Round 11º Opaque Jet (TR-11-49)
  • Demi Round 8º Metallic Rainbow Iris (TN-08-86)
  • Round 15º Opaque Jet (TR-15-49)



  • Demi Round 11º Gold-Lustered Amethyst (TN-11-201)
  • Round 11º Galvanized Pink Lilac (TR-11-553)
  • Demi Round 8º Matte-Color Mauve Mocha (TN-08-703)
  • Round 15º Opaque Lavender (TR-15-52)



  • Demi Round 11º Matte-Color Mauve Mocha (TN-11-703)
  • Round 11º Opaque-Lustered Turquoise (TR-11-132)
  • Demi Round 8º Higher-Metallic Purple/Green Iris (TN-08-509)
  • Round 15º Olympic Bronze (TR-15-224)
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