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Medieval Bracelet by Z. Erd

Medieval Bracelet by Z. Erd




Designed by Zsuzsanna Erdei – Articulate Beading Designer Fascinated by Color Therapy and the Mathematics Behind Beading

Create with the Matubo™ GEMDUO

Stitch a rope of Matubo™ GEMDUOs around leather cord, then add netted embellishments with TOHO® Demi Rounds™.


  • ‰28 GEMDUOS, Color A
  •    26 GEMDUOs, Color B
  • ‰3g TOHO 11° Demi Rounds
  • ‰2g TOHO 11° Rounds
  • ‰2g TOHO 8° Rounds
  • ‰40” of 1.5mm Leather Cord
  • ‰1 Shank Button, 14–16mm
  • ‰TOHO One-G Thread or FireLine


  • Matubo GEMDUOs Matte – Metallic Gold Copper Iris (379-85-K0162)
  • Matubo GEMDUOs Metallic Suede – Lt Green (379-85-79051)
  • TOHO Demi Rounds 11˚ Gold-Lustered Amethyst (TN-11-201)
  • TOHO Rounds 11˚ Dk Bronze (TR-11-222)
  • TOHO Rounds 8˚ Permafinish – Galvanized Almond (TR-08-PF593)
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