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Pointed Poppy by Carole Ohl

Pointed Poppy by Carole Ohl




This delicate yet edgy floral component bracelet is fun to work up in a number of colorways.


  • 43 CzechMates® Bar (CMB)
  • 72 CzechMates® Triangle (CMT)
  • 6 Firepolish or Round, 4mm (FP4)
  • 36 6º TOHO Seed Beads (SB6)
  • 2gm 11º TOHO Seed Beads (SB11)
  • optional: second color
  • Clasp and jump rings
  • Thread of choice

Six poppies creates approx. 6.25” bracelet before clasp. Each poppy adds about 1.25” to the length. To increase length in smaller

increments, add seed beads at the clasp loops.


Gold/Copper –

  • CzechMates QuadraTile Matte Metallic Antique Copper (387-06-K0175);
  • CzechMates Bar Dk Bronze (389-26-14415);
  • Melon 5mm 24k Gold (287-05-270);
  • TOHO Round 8º Higher-Metallic Amethyst (TR-08-502);
  • TOHO Round 11º Bronze (TR-11-221).

Gold/Red (Not shown) –

  • CzechMates QuadraTile Opq Luster Picasso (387-06-P65401);
  • CzechMates Bar Jet (389-26-2398);
  • Melon 5mm Sunset Maple (287-05-B9004);
  • TOHO Round 8º Gold-Lustered Trans. Pink (TR-08-421),
  • PF Galv. Starlight (TR-08-PF557);
  • TOHO Round 11º Lt. Amethyst/Pink Lined (TR-11-959),
  • Bronze (TR-11-221).
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