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Protect Me Bracelet by I Postica

Protect Me Bracelet by I Postica




This bracelet works up quickly, and is great for trying different colors. Keep adding segments to make a matching necklace. Make several in trendy colors and stack them on your wrist for a fashion-forward look!


  • 53 CzechMates® Beam™
  • 6 CzechMates® Cabochon
  • g 11º TOHO Seed Beads
  • 2 Jump Rings
  • Clasp of Choice
  • TOHO One-G Thread



  • CzechMates Beam Silver (397-210-27000)
  • CzechMates Cabochon Matte Turquoise (396-06-M6313)
  • TOHO 11º Round Bronze(TR-11-221)
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