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Shadow Valley by Svetlana Einy

Shadow Valley by Svetlana Einy




In this piece, Svetlana has made use of the CzechMates compatibility to create depth and contrast within the popular flatwork style.


  • 70 CzechMates™ Triangles, Color 1 (A)
  • 35 CzechMates™ Triangles, Color 2 (B)
  • 82 CzechMates™ Brick (C)
  • TOHO Seed Beads 15º (D)
  • TOHO Seed Beads 11º (E)
  • Fireline or Wildfire

The finished bracelet is 6.5 inches long. Adding or subtracting

two rows will change the length by approximately .33 inch. Make

size changes at the clasp ends so as to not disrupt the pattern

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