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Shapeshifter Bracelet by B. Haley

Shapeshifter Bracelet by B. Haley



Beki’s expertly coordinated colors enhance this elaborate, undulating assemblage of two-hole shaped beads.


  • 18 CzechMates™ Tile, Color 1 (A)
  • 16 CzechMates™ Tile, Color 2 (B)
  • 18 CzechMates™ Lentils, Color 1 (C)
  • 16 CzechMates™ Lentils, Color 2 (D)
  • 49 SuperDuo (E)
  • TOHO Seed Beads 8º (F)
  • TOHO Seed Beads 11º (G)
  • TOHO Seed Beads 15º (H)
  • Fireline or Wildfire

The finished bracelet is 6.5 inches long before clasp.

Adding or subtracting a row will change the length by 7/16th of an inch.

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