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Spring in Bloom by Csilla Csirmaz

Spring in Bloom by Csilla Csirmaz



Combine Czech and Japanese Beads

Designed by Csilla Csirmaz – Creative, Curious Designer Always Looking for New Materials, Stitches, Color Harmonies, and Geometric Forms Featuring CzechMates Cabochon™ and Matubo GEMDUO Beads

Use Matubo GEMDUO and CzechMates® Cabochon beads to create an airy, decorative bracelet band, then finish it with square-stitched sections of TOHO®Demi Round and seed beads.


  • 20 GEMDUOs
  • 9 CzechMates® Cabochons
  • 3.5g TOHO 8° Demi Rounds
  • 4.5g TOHO 8° Rounds
  • TOHO One-G Thread, in 2 Colors
  • Clasp of Choice


  • Matubo GEMDUOs Polychrome – Aqua Teal (379-85-94104)
  • CzechMates Cabochons ColorTrends Saturated Metallic Butterum (396-06-04B04)
  • TOHO Demi Rounds 8˚ Higher-Metallic Cinnamon Bronze (TN-08-501)
  • TOHO Rounds 8˚ PermaFinish – Galvanized Almond (TN-08-PF593)
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