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Swanky Snake by Akiko Nomura

Swanky Snake by Akiko Nomura



The unique four-hole structure of the CzechMates QuadraTile makes reversible jewelry easy. For a fun variation, try 3mm English Cuts in place of the Firepolish.


  • 40 CzechMates® QuadraTile
  • 1g 11º TOHO Seed Beads, Color 1
  • 1g 11º TOHO Seed Beads, Color 2
  • 1g 11º TOHO Seed Beads, Color 3
  • 1g 15º TOHO Seed Beads matching the 11º Color 3 is recommended
  • 10 5mm Melon Beads
  • 32 3mm Firepolish
  • Thread of choice
  • Clasp or Button of choice



  • CzechMates® QuadraTile Opaque Ultra Luster Green (387-06-P65455);
  • TOHO 11ºGold-Lustered Emerald (TR-11-322), Rainbow Crystal/Creme Lined (TR-11-777), Bronze (TR-11-221);
  • TOHO 15º Bronze (TR-15-221);
  • 5mm Melon Halo Madder Rose (287-05-29260);
  • 3mm Firepolish Pink Coral (1-03-74020).


  • CzechMates® QuadraTile Luster Opaque Lilac (387-06-P14415);
  • TOHO 11º Higher-Metallic- Frosted Mardi Gras (TR-11-515F), Galvanized Peacock Blue (TR-11-511), Nickel (TR-11-711);
  • TOHO 15º Nickel (TR-15-711);
  • 5mm Melon Metallic Suede Dark Plum (287-05-79083);
  • 3mm Firepolish PolyChrome Indigo Orchid (1-03-94105).
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