Sweet Alyssum Bracelet

Sweet Alyssum Bracelet



Weave a base of glowing round beads and build embellishments with pinch and melon beads that mimic the delicate petals of Alyssum flowers. Designed by María Teresa Morán.


  • 52 – Round Bead, 6mm (R6)
  • 38 – Melon Round, 3mm (M3)
  • 68 – Pinch Bead, 3x5mm (PB)
  • 2g – TOHO Round Seed Bead (S11)
  • Clasp of Choice
  • Fireline


  • Round Bead 6mm Pacifica Fig (5-06-Fig (5-06-PS1008)
  • Melon Round 3mm Iris Purple (287-03-21495)
  • Pinch Bead Polychrome Orchid Aqua (2-53-94102)
  • TOHO Round 11° Metallic Iris Purple (TR-11-85)