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Teresa Earrings by Carole Ohl

Teresa Earrings by Carole Ohl



These delicate earrings look intricate but whip up quickly. Make several different colors to coordinate with outfits. Stitch up a third component as a matching pendant.

 MATERIALS (for 2 earrings)

  • 16 CzechMates® Triangle (TR)10
  • Firepolish, 4mm (FP)
  • 24 TOHO 11º Seed Beads (SB11)
  • 76 TOHO 15º Seed Beads (SB15)
  • 2 Earring Findings
  • 2 Wire Guards
  • Thread of choice



Gold/Pink – CzechMates® Triangle Metallic Suede Gold (371-06-79080); Firepolish 4mm PolyChrome Copper Rose (1-04-94100); TOHO Round 11 Gold-Lustered Root Beer (TR-11-454); TOHO Round 15 Metallic Amethyst Gun Metal (TR-15-90). Champagne – CzechMates® Triangle Halo Ethereal Myrrh (371-06-P29254); Firepolish 4mm Luster Iris Antique Beige (1-04-LR13060); TOHO Round 11 PF Galvanized Starlight (TR-11-PF557); TOHO Round 15 PF Galvanized Starlight (TR-15-PF557). Turquoise – CzechMates® Triangle Matte Turquoise (371-06-M6313); Firepolish 4mm Matte Metallic Antique Copper (1-04-K0175); TOHO Round 11 Bronze (TR-11-221); TOHO Round 15 Bronze (TR-15-221).

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