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Winding Current by M. Rodarte

Winding Current by M. Rodarte



This sculptured cuff is edgy yet delicate. With bold curves and glam detail, this design makes a statement in both trendy and classic colors. The 3mm English Cut bead adds understated glamour and glow along the edge.


  • 13 6mm Round (RB6)
  • 39 3mm English Cut (EC)
  • 53 CzechMates Crescent (CMC)
  • 54 CzechMates Triangle (CMT)
  • 5gm 15º TOHO Seed Beads (SB15)
  • Fireline or other fishing line
  • Clasp of Choice
  • 2 Jump Rings

Bracelet as instructed measures apprx. 6.25”before clasp. Each additional RB6 adds apprx. 5/8” 


Silver/Purple –

  • 6mm Round Polychrome Orchid Aqua (5-06-94102)
  • 3mm English Cut Silver (323-03-27000)
  • CzechMates Crescent Saturated Metallic Purple (391-310-77031)
  • CzechMates Triangle Satin Silver (371-06-P29405)
  • TOHO Round 15º Nickel (TR-15-711)

Jet/Teal –

  • 6mm Round Sueded Gold Lt. Teal (5-06-MSG6021)
  • 3mm English Cut Turquoise (323-03-6313)
  • CzechMates Crescent Matte Iris Blue (391-310-21135)
  • CzechMates Triangle Jet (371-06-2398)
  • TOHO Round 15º Metallic Nebula (TR-15-82)


  • 6mm Round Matte Iris Blue (5-06-21135)
  • 3mm English Cut Metallic Suede Blue (323-03-79031)
  • CzechMates Crescent Saturated Metallic Rosé (391-310-77035)
  • CzechMates Triangle Pearl Coat Charcoal (371-06-25037)
  • TOHO Round 15º Inside-Color Aqua/Purple Lined (TR-15-252)
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