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Winter Flower Pendant by Nichole Starman

Winter Flower Pendant by Nichole Starman



Use CzechMates 2-Hole Triangle beads to create a flower with a sparkling firepolish center. This design works up quickly to create a stunning pendant.



  • 6 CzechMates® Triangles (TR1)
  • 6 CzechMates® Triangles (TR2)
  • 1g 15º TOHO Seed Beads (SB15)
  • 1g 11º TOHO Seed Beads (SB11)
  • 6 3mm Firepolish (FP)
  • Jump ring Chain of choice
  • One-G Thread


Green/Gold –

  • CzechMates Triangle Metallic Suede Dk. Forest (371-06-79052),
  • Luster Iris Antique Beige (371-06-LR13060);
  • TOHO Round 11º PermaFinish Galvanized Starlight (TR-11-PF557);
  • TOHO Round 15º PermaFinish Galvanized Starlight (TR-15-PF557);
  • Firepolish 3mmBronze Luster Iris Opaque Red (1-03-R14415).
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